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    Monday, November 21, 2016

    161121 Shannon's agency MBK Entertainment "Lack of singing skills, to restart and get challenge at KPOP Star 6"

    SBS KPOP Star 6 changes the format have been made to the final season under the title "The Last Chance". It made possible for those who already made their debut, So Shannon tried to join with an intention to learn more.

    Shannon's agency, MBK Entertainment said to OSEN, "Shannon is with us as a trainee for a long time, her singing skill was skillfully evaluated, but she felt shes still lacking"

    They added "Shannon, herself was not satisfied at her abilities, and want to learn more about singing, so she joined KPOP Star 6. She want to restart and being evaluated by the judge. get challenge with an idea of studying songs again."

    Recently, Shannon was reported that she already finished recording 'KPOP Star 6'. Like other contestants, Shannon was evaluated in front of judges, Yang Hyun-suk, Park Jin-young, and You Hee-yeol.

    Meanawhile, Shannon's appearance to air on 27th at 9:15 PM.

    Source: OSEN
    Translated by: ily_shannon @ Shannon Williams Global
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