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    Friday, December 9, 2016

    161209 Shannon chosen as model of beauty brand 'a;t fox'

    'Challenge Icon'  Idol Shannon was chosen as new muse of a beauty brand 'a;t fox'.

    Shannon who shows her singing ability in 'Starking', 'Radio Star' and Hidden Singer', who made her debut with a cool song. Being loved as growing musician who develops day by day and receives attention as she recently appeared on 'KPOP Star 6 - The Last Chance'.

    a;t fox said "As we personally met Shannon, She is lovely, humble, and well-skilled musician". They added "It's seems a;t fox and Shannon will disperse a healthy and lovely energy" as reason for choosing her as their model.

    Shannon to continue the full-pledged a;t fox modeling activities such as beauty tutorial video of our items and beauty teatime photoshoot.

    Meanwhile, Shannon cushion and a;t fox beauty products can be found at their official website and at their a;t fox official store in Hongdae.

    Translated by: ily_shannon @ Shannon Williams Global
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