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    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    170114 'KPOP Star 6' Shannon's tearful stage..."Feels like standing in front of the wall"

    This coming 15th, SBS KPOP Star 6 - The Last Chance will broadcast its 4th round which is "Casting Audition".

    Before the broadcast, the KPOP Star 6 production team reveals the preview still cuts of "Casting Audition" thru their SNS sites and Naver Post. Among them, Shannon was caught crying, which gathered attention.

    Shannon was born in UK, she went to Korea at the age of 13 and made her debut after a long year being a trainee. Despite being in her 3yrs debut, she joins the 'KPOP Star 6' for a new challenge, competing with other participants and being evaluate by judges for all rounds development. Every time her stages came out, she swept the search portal sites.

    But what's the reason why Shannon crying on the photo?, what happened?, is she succeed and made it to the next round or not?, the netizens keep arguing about it.

    According to KPOP Star 6 production team, Shannon singing for the 4th round audition and suddenly burst into tears. She surprised the judges with unexpected selection of the song , "Feels like I'm standing in front of the wall" she said while practicing the song, she was also nervous before she came up to the stage. Her unusual appearance, sobbing with her hands on her face, which brings everyone thinking about what happened to her.

    Meanwhile, the 4th round 'casting audition' to be unveiled this day is round called "KPOP Star Flower". If the participant casts from 3 judges (YG, JYP, Antenna), he/she will get an opportunity to prepare for the next round with training of the company. Shannon's 4th round stage will be broadcast this coming 15th, 9:15 pm.
    Source: OSEN
    Translated by: ily_shannon @ Shannon Williams Global
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