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    Friday, January 27, 2017

    A Special Gift for Shannon from Shannon Williams Fan Union

    Pixies, remember the birthday project? debut anniversary project? comeback project? that we did last year? This gift is supposed to be for it, but sadly we're late to meet the hearts amount. So now...
    We gladly to announce that the funds we collected is now here! A special gift for Shannon.

    It's a clay doll of Shannon

    First I would like to express my gratitude to these fanbases
    for helping us uniting the pixies.

    and to this lovely pixies

    ahad, row****@gmail.com, FJA, Versha, Vivian9905, jwk***@naver.com, eighteenpix, sam91, 히히히히힛, nissiey_, kam***@gmail.com, lalisa, pikapiku, selenelenese, ardisa, cin2406, 지혜, 샤넌_, Lilyeens, Astral, Midday, Toffu, 제이인, raissav, yerina, 부산태권소녀, cyril, 공허협객, S.Ismail

    without you guys this project is impossible Thank you so much Pixies!

    and lastly we really thank
    for making this gift possible. Thank you so much.

    Til next project pixies!

    An update! The gift has been sent to MBK Entertainment yesterday January 31st. Here's some proof

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