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    Monday, January 16, 2017

    [INSTAGRAM] 170116 Lee Areum (4leevely) Update featuring Shannon

    SBS - KPOP STAR . (박효신_숨 무대였어요)

    너라는 빛은 너무나도 컸단다 샤넌아 ,
    울지말고 ..아프지말고.. 더 커진 너의 모든걸 다 보여줄날이 머지않아보여 너~무 이쁘고 아리게 봤어. 
    열심히해서 더 예뻤던 샤넌.김아름이(한국이름) ! 이번에도 짧았지만 너의 노력이 베어있는 참 감동적인 무대였어요 ~^^
    못본지 오래되서 걱정되. 그치만 강해져있는 모습에 안심되네 쪼끔만 더 힘내자. 많은 분들도 샤넌 응원 많이 해주셨으면 좋겠어요 .♡
    #kpopstar #kpop #마지막에웃거라#샤넌아름
    SBS - KPOP STAR . (Park Hoyshin_Breath Performance)
    You got a brighter light Shannon~ah,
    Don't cry..don't get hurt..One day you will show all of you who grew bigger , I wanna see it soon. You're so pretty.
    Work harder and be prettier Shannon. Kim Arrum (Korean Name)! It was a short time but your efforts immerse on your inspiring stage~^^
    I'm not able to see you for a long time. But I'm relieved that your appearance became stronger even more.  Please give lots of supports to Shannon.♡
    #kpopstar #kpop #SmileInTheEnd #ShannonArrum
    Source: 4leevely
    Translated by: ily_shannon @ Shannon Williams Global
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