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    Monday, February 27, 2017

    [SHANNBUZZ] KPOP Star 6 Shannon's "Who's your mama?", JYP approved

    On the 26th broadcast of KPOP Star 6, Shannon performed JYP's "Who's your mama?" for TOP10 stage, She came to the stage without back dancers, performed with dynamic choreography and explosive singing ability.

    JYP said "Its like an entertainer, not a singer, I'm proud and confident, feels like seeing "myself" on your stage. Why it takes too long for this kind of stage to come out"

    and he added "The head voice of the original song always remain. The technique was very good. Its my song today. 1% left on my style. It was a star down stage."|

    [+744 -47] It was really good ㅎㅎㅎ
    [+601 -47] All recognition finally pops out let's make it to the top
    [+508 -42] Shannon is really doing well
    [+428 -41] It was really good
    [+372 -38] It was really cool

    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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