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    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Shannon's 20th Birthday Project

    Hello Pixies!
    Shannon's 20th (Kor. age) is coming up and fanbases from different countries has come together as Shannon Williams Fan Union. We're going to raise a fund to send her a special gift. Like we did last projects, it will carry out with help of fanmaum. 

    We must collect 170,000 hearts.

    = DEAD LINE =
    Collecting of hearts will end on MAY 20th 2017

    Open the fanmaum app and search for 'SHANNON'.
    Thru web/browser fanmaum project page here.

    Purchased/Donated hearts cannot be cancel/taken back.

    Re-direct yourself here. Download links, Tutorials, and guides can be read there.

    = ? =
    Confused? Any questions regarding the project. Kindly tweet us, send a messager.
    You can contact other participated fanbases.

    All donors name will be featured on a letter that we will send for Shannon as well.
    So we are hoping your 100% participation for her special day.
    Go Pixies!

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