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    Sunday, March 12, 2017

    170312 'KPOP Star 6' Shannon to perform Primary's "See Through" for TOP8 Stage

    On today's broacast (12th), Kpop Star 6 - The Last Chance will show the stages of TOP8 contestants for Live Broadcast advancement. Shannon's stage will be broadcast today.

    Last battle, Shannon of Group A performed JYP's "Who's Your mama?" and got 1st place on the TOP8. Shannon got acclaimed for "unexpected song", it also gain interest for today's round.

    According to KPOP Star 6 production team, Shannon to compete with a song "See Through" by Primary. This song was sang by Kwon Jin Ah last Season 3 and got called "Legend Stage". Unlike the original song which Gaeko and Zion.T was featured, expectations are rising on how will Shannon interpret this song.

    Meanwhile, the TOP8 stage will be 1:1 battle. The winner will go straight for the Live Broadcast round, the loser will do a rematch and will only get into the next round (Live Broadcast round) through the vote of viewers.

    Source: OSEN
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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