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    Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170403 KPOP Star 6 Shannon, "I learned a lot in every stages"

    Shannon performed JYP's "I Have a Girl" for the semi-final stage last April 2 but she failed to advance in the finals, "It was good but somewhat monotonous".

    She's the only soloist in the semi-finals, preparing every stages alone, and receiving various popular comments. These few months being soloist in the team, Shannon surpassed with valuable experience and learning.

    Shannon met the News1 after the semi-finals and said "I am honored to be in the TOP4 and I want to say lots of thanks to everyone".

    She added "I worried so much but I'm glad I was able to finish with such a good figure. I learned a lot in past few months and that's the reason I was able to grow better"

    Shannon made lots of stages, she remembered her first stage and her "Who's Your Mama" stage.

    "To be honest, I had lot of preparation in every stages. My first stage and 'Who's your mama' was the most valuable stages. My first stage, I was surprised at what JYP pointed out and what the Judges told us. At the same time I simultaneously thought "It seems It come out well". For "Who's your mama" stage it was truly valuable , It really feels good hearing only the praises of the judges." she said.

    Shannon gains as a singer in KPOP Star 6, and what this program means to her.

    "I am truly honored to have a good opportunity, I was able to learn and listen to the advice of respected judges,I really thanked them. It was really nice I was able to show off my another figure of me." She said

    Shannon added "As a singer Shannon, I will comeback with nice appearance. I appreciate and love all the fans who supported me. I will be Shannon who shines bright and working hard forever."

    And Shannon concluded "I thank all the camera director, vocal teacher, arranger, band arranger, PD-nim, all staff of KPOP Star 6, and all the participants"

    Source: News1
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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