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    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170418 Shannon on YG Training "It fits me well"

    -How is song selection done
    "Its 100% cannot decided by my teacher. I will give my opinion but it will be decided after consultation with writer."

    - Yang Hyunsuk agreed that seems its better to use JYP songs
    "I don't know. It seems that the performance that seemed to show off was looking good on it, but it seems that it digested well."

    - You cried on Suzy's "Pretend"
    "I don't remember. I cried many times so i don't remember. I have a tremendous memory. I was asked "What is happiness" and I answered "Music". Music makes me happy but i didn't know how to develop it."

    - Are you nervous during live broadcast
    "I didn't tremble since I made a debut. Not only me but my other friends doing well during recording. I didn't give any advice and seems everyone doing well"

    -Mention a well done stage
    "Honestly, there's slightly unsatisfying except for "Who's Your Mama?". There is no regret, unsatisfactory remains. Don't ask me to do it again. I might get it worse"

    - How's getting a training from other company
    "MBK feels free. Other companies too, but they were tight enough to fit my personality. I'm greedy, and I think It will get hard if you get tired. It feels right at YG. When you want to learn something or dance you have to work harder. Everything works well. That does not mean I will transfer.(laugh)"

    - Most memorable Judges comment
    "During "Who's Your Mama?", JYP said "It was like an entertainer". Until now, the "machine-like" and "No emotions". The word entertainer was the better word than the singer."

    - Diet was pointed out
    "At first, I thought I was bit healthy, since I maintained 44-45kg. Then I appeared plump in the broadcast. When I sing, sometimes the two-chin appears and vocal chords can be seen well though it was not absolute.

    - What do feel about the 3 judges
    "Yoo Heeyeol judges sympathetic as well to other friends. He's the one who warms up the heating comments. I can't calm. Like other judges, you will feel scared by Yoo Heeyeol's comments. My other friends are afraid of Yang Hyunsuk. I'm not afraid, but almost scared. He pointed out straightly. Park Jinyoung has lot of technical talks. It feels like I just taken a written exam after hearing it. I feel lots of greatness."

    Source: Ilgan Sports
    Translayed by: shannxx @ Shannon Williams Global

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