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    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170418 Shannon talks about joining KPOP Star 6 and Boyfriend's winning

    - Your impression as you finished "KPOP Star 6"
    "It was turning point. I worried a lot and chose a difficult one but I didn't regret it. It was a good choice. Because I thought it was my last chance. "KPOP Star 6" will be my last audition of my life"

    - Your feeling joining an audition after you debut
    "As what I see, It was foul and might  seems funny. I decided to try it (KPOP Star 6) anyway, so I made up mind to try harder. Its not singer but just Shannon, there was no preference. Other contestants didn't see me as a celebrity either, I was so careful to make that image. Everyone matched and seems played well. I didn't mind about viewers view, just for me I had to learn a lot  by myself"

    - Anything you got.
    "First, the judges comments "Like a machine that sings without emotion" and "putting feelings by force". I agree on that. During my first stage, I thought that I should do everything neatly. I prepared with an idea that I had to show a stage without any mistakes, but I realized it was a poison. When I learned that there's a possibility that a good stage will come out."

    -The moment when it was hard
    "It became burden on how to fill the stage during live broadcast. There's a friend who is solo too, but only me will do a performance, I'm worried that I would compare to group performance. Would it be possible for the public to enjoy if the stages is full of scenes. It was really hard because of those moments."

    - Your target rank
    "I don't have. I didn't show up to got a high rank. I came out with my thoughts. I came out to find my own color, not competing with someone and win."

    -The company's goal
    "I did not think that I could do it. Our boss also said "Its not important of getting No.1, what important is the stage that left in everyone's memories". I was touched by our boss support."

    - There were also indications that voting was unfair
    "Its seems because the teams and individuals are mixed. I didn't mind it because I didn't want to feel I have to rise as I got many votes"

    - Have you predicted the boyfriend's victory
    "Not only me, but everyone also thought Boyfriend will win. The older says they are young, they can do better, I understand it. I enjoyed watching them from the side. We didn't take the stage naturally but the Boyfriend having fun like playing and enjoying the stage. I celebrate as we heard the winning announcement"

    -Hyunjin confessed that he was a fan of yours during broadcast
    "When I first met Hyunjin, he looked at me and avoided me then run away. I watched the broadcast, It was cute and funny. Hyunjin's mom said that Hyunjin put my song as his alarm for he likes the weather even more, she wonder also if it is first love. I must be careful (laughs)."

    Source: Ilgan Sports
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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