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    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170418 Shannon talk about her recent activities, dating, goals and more

    -How have you been recently?
    Working on a music while having a break. I'm writing a song, I've been doing it since KPOP Star.

    - Hows your break?
     I jam with my Brothers and Dad, we played and sang. We played like that while having a break. My Mom is really sad. Given stress by the music then stress as I solve the it. hahaha"

    -Do you want to re-debut in a girl group?
    "I practiced for my debut in 5DOLLS last 2012. However, I seemed its not match to myself so decided to debut as a soloist. I think I can show a good stage as solo"

    - Someone you can rely on
    "I believe a lot to myself. Basically there's my family and friends but its hard to confide. Being look weak is not my personality."

    - I heard this season is fast
    "My mom said I'm old already. I opened my mind after KPOP Star 6. I understand that its not shame to show your weak side. I made lot of experience that helped me grow bigger."

    - I haven't dated
    "Dating is troublesome thing. There's lot of push and pull in love as I heard. Its complicated. maybe someday"

    - How about the next album?
    "I'll try to give details. I used to do lots of things, 100% I don't know. I want to do a performance with fancy girl crush concept. It will be good if it has a sympathetic lyrics."

    - Role models
    "I like BoA and Ailee. I like Beyonce and Ariana Grande too who has their own color. I hope I can find my own color, I look forward on it"

    - Goals and Dream
    "I want to become an entertainer. I want to become a singer who can do anything. I like the entertainment, I want to have 3-4 minutes of free time on stage."

    Source: Ilgan Sports
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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