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    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170423 Shannon "Girls Generation led me to Korea, BoA is my role model"

    Shannon who already made her debut returned back as trainee to challenge SBS KPOP Star 6. Her decision to appear in order to find her own color, after getting into TOP4, new album is expected.

    Following DIA and T-ara, Shannon is preparing for her comeback to show a different appearance of her from KPOP Star through the new album. She said "I like all the song that I have done. While doing KPOP Star, I have lots of thought personally" she go looking for her own color in a new album.

    Shannon added "Now I'm starting for the album preparation, My biggest problem is "what I want to do". I want to show a R&B girl crush feeling. In addition to songs, I want to try the genre that I did't mind as soloist, I want to become variety singer who can dance and act as well."

    Musical singer in foreign country, Shannon happened to dream of singer in Korea after seeing Girls Generation "Gee" and made BoA as her role model. Shannon said "I came to see Girls Generation "Gee" by chance through Video Site Music Video recommendation. Because I am Korean too, so I want to challenge in my mother's country."

    Regarding about her role model BoA "Not only dance and singing variety. I haven't seen a great singer like BoA sunbaenim. So In my heart I want to be like her and I think of her as my role model." 

    As being soloist, she worried about being idol. Worried about appearing on MNET "Produce 101" and not preparing for an album, Shannon was satisfied being as soloist rather than idol. "I don't know if it fits to me" she said. "I'm satisfied on what I'm doing, I believe that there is no thing that is not there, Being solo is interesting and free. It is not burdened or lonely, There are many things to do and I can grab a better opportunity" she said firmly.

    Her feel during KPOP Star 6 stage voting. Shannon said "I thought live broadcast would be better for the group". "There are lots of votes and different stages. so I think a lot about on how I will fill the stage and make it more fun" she confessed.

    Being perfectionist personality was inherited from the parents. It was hard to satisfy in every stages, Like Shannon, her family's reaction who watched the KPOP Star was the same. Shannon said "My father came to Korea, I can feel his staring gaze. "Its fine. I can't help. It's past" he said and I feel sorry about it. His confidence was overflowing, I noticed that he was frustrated. He is the one who speaks more than praise."

    Source: Heraldpop
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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