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    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170423 Shannon shares her thoughts about dating

    Shannon who is perfectionist in music is also love perfectionist. The idea of "Lets do music" in order to completely immerse. Shannon said "I think there is a time". "I can't manage dating. doing music and dating at the same time is complicated" 

    She added "There's push and pull. It's hard. If I date, my partner might feel I'm indifferent. I'm not indifferent, its just hard to explain and annoying. Anyway, If you want to date while concentrate to music, its still better to go on music all the time"

    She also said "Just to say, I have to love composing and writing a song and I think love from family and friends is enough. I don't need a man yet. Sometimes I feel pity when older woman looks for boyfriend because of loneliness. Woman must expect a man." a straightforward thought of her about dating.

    Sometimes there was misunderstanding about her personality and foreign cultural behavior. Shannon unnoticed it and said "I don't feel saying "I like all your teas". Also, It is casual for a man and woman to do holding hands in foreign country. Those who don't know just misunderstood and embarrassing." based on her experience.

    She was accustomed hiding her emotions after living as a singer, but her songwriting work was more frank than before. Shannon said "Writing and working on a song is my way to relieve stress." "I express all my emotions in the lyrics"

    She added "The usual appearance is bright and there is a time to make a face in front of the camera. I often feel that it is embarrassing to utter real intention. However, I was ashamed to write my feelings on paper and pass it on. So I express all my feelings about my friend and family through lyrics."

    Not a love story but friendship and Love song for family is the main. Shannon said "Not a love from boyfriend but a love from a friendship and family, or a deep feelings from me." "So far I will just do my personal hobby, I'm not able to tell you for this time but maybe sometime." she added that rises the expectation"

    Source: Heraldpop
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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