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    Thursday, May 18, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170516 The girl who fell in love with music, Shannon (BNT International)

    Shannon, lively but still lovely. Fearless to reveal the real her. Her loveliness that attracts the public without any embellishments. 

    Shannon who has lots of greed. Genres she want, endless challenges for styles in variety. Undecided musical style. A singer who will expand the frame infinitely than fitting in that frame. 20 years old Shannon is more mature than before. From JTBC "Hidden Singer 2" with IU's voice doppelganger to mature look on SBS "KPOP Star Season 6 - the last chance" TOP4.

    Recognized as a singer. Amazing singing and dancing skills, but above all, her stages that makes everyone's mind calm. She cherish and treasures every stages. Shannon, who loves music, is expected to show what she can do as an artist in the future.

    Q: How's the photoshoot.
    Its been a long time since I did photoshoot, I was shaking but the atmosphere is really good and the tension fades quickly. I shot with various concept such as chic and cutie. But I am comfortable with cheerful look. I've been doing chic feeling many times before but now I'm 20 years old I felt completely different. (laugh)

    Q: Your bucket list that you want to do as you turn 20.
    None. Apparently, I am singer already since I was student, I have lots of freedom everyday than the normal students. Because of that, even if I turned 20, my life did not change much (laugh). There was a difference in doing work, For example, I was worried in taking photo, I might look erotic to have a very slight exposure but now I don't care if a bit of my waist show off. (laugh)

    Q: You played Cossette role in "Les Miserables" in UK before. Did you dream as musical actor when you were young?
    I attended an art school founded by Queen in UK. Since it was famous art school, when there was an audition held in school, an agency would visit and and cast students. I got a call from them and started musical. Rather than dreaming as musical actor I just like to sing when I was child. I wanted to do various activities related to music.

    As look back before, my dream is to become doctor when I was 8 years old. I want to help people and I am not scared of scars and bloods. I wanted to cure sick people as a doctor in distant future. (laugh)

    Q: I wonder why the girl who dreamed to become doctor entered an art school.
    I went to see musicals together with my mom when I was young. The first musical I saw was "Phantom of the Opera". A superb stage, above on that, the actors who produce different charms are so cool and I began to be interested in musicals (laugh). I also watched "Phantom of the Opera" movie and I sing along to its songs. Along with that, we began to choose art school. 

    Q: Why did you start living in Korea?
    I was appeared in SBS "Starking" before, I have been contacted by my agency at the time of the broadcast. With this opportunity, I started to live in Korea. Since It is my mother's home town, I was able to settle without any difficulties. This is my country too since I have Korean blood (laugh). Me and my mom came to Korea. My father works in UK and often visits Korea. 

    Q: During your trainee days, what kind of singer you want, to be in girl group or soloist?
    I wanted to be a soloist. During trainee days, I was in preparation for my debut as main vocal of a girl group, But I wanted to debut as solo with a lot of greed for singing. I appealed to my agency and thankfully they respected my thoughts. I like ballad and dance genre but I personally prefer to a performance (laugh). 

    Q: Did you worry about loneliness since you are soloist?
    I was not worried at all. I usually play well alone (laugh). Solo singers can show less than groups. Groups come with various members, so if their charms differs, the situation is different on the stage. But solo is absolutely alone, so what kind of image is fixed. It seems to be difficult to change to other images when it is done. However, I want to challenge new things every time, even though I am solo. I can be cute, sexy, and chic (laugh). I want to stand on the stage without a fixed image.

    Q: What are the concepts you showed mainly while working as a soloist?
    It was different each time. At first it was a heavy and chic atmosphere, but later it was a cute feeling. After that I decided the stage with the style, I would like to do without a fixed concept. 

    Q: Chic and Cutie, What appearance is similar to Shannon?
    None of the two. I have strong sense of tomboy. I have older twin brother so I don't have a feminine character (laugh). Got scratches when playing somewhere, If I go out with hairpins it will end up losing one by one (laughs). I hate pretending. I hate lying (laugh). Of course, image management which acts as a singer is necessary to some extent, but as a true artist I think that it is not good if there are too many pretending parts. 

    Q: It turned out that if you try to reveal completely without pretending, it may happen to the public's eyes.
    Indeed. I like my real me but there will be a person that will not like it. I admit that part, but I wont be shy about music.

    Q: You showed a frank appearance on "KPOP Star 6" without pretending.
    It was really blank. I smiled and prepared but only the figure that suffered came out on the screen (laugh). I'm serious during music making but during practice it was enjoyable. 

    I think that there will be some people who dislikes me. Those who were expecting feminine aspects seemed disappointed while looking at my appearance. I want to break the idea that I have to get clean on the screen all the time.

    Q: While talking with you, It seems that there are more female fans than male fans. It can be said that women like your character.
    haha I'm not sure. I have never thought about the ratio of men and women.

    Q: You are the winner of "Hidden Singer" IU edition, and 3 years singer, Isn't burdensome as you appeared in audition program?
    Since there was no incumbent singer by all means in the program series, there were also worrying points, but I'm not a person who cares much about people's gaze. It is a program that appeared only for me. I tried to improve my skills without hurting my pride. The title of singer is not related at all.

    Q: Is there any advantages of Shannon, because you have singer career, in confrontation with the trainee and normal people?
    I think so, it is difficult to me to rate if my expectations are high. It seems that the title of singer never helped me. At that time, I haven't thought about these parts, but in retrospect the title singer was poisonous to me.

    The most talked-about story to the judges is the "You are not satisfied when you consider the point that you got praises every stages where you are inactive, its called incumbent singer". Indeed, this evaluation was inconvenient as it was the part that challenged for my own development rather than surviving in competition.

    Q: What is the most helpful judgment that make you advance in TOP4?
    Everyone's judgments helped a lot. When I sing they said that it was like machine. I have a part that seems missing so I tend to stay up to end. Somehow, I tried to solve it as I heard the criticism. I am perfectionist and I have great desire  to perfect it. I get angry to myself if the sound is bit uneasy (laugh)

    Q: Its not easy to complete a stage in an audition program for short period of time.
    I tried too much, it is mechanically changed, sometimes I look like someone in a frame (laugh). I tremble. I am prepared for the stage and really nervous in front of the judges,  I liked that kind of thrill.

    Q: Yang Hyun-suk judgement was exceptionally pretty about you.
    That's right (laugh). I felt affection even on stage. I really thank him for building me so much.

    Q:What was the happiest moment in the audition?
    During the live broadcast. It was tiring, I have to standby for a long time during the broadcast (laugh). It is tiring because we have to manage facial expression which might caught by the camera (laugh). The time passes fast during the live. And I was glad to invite my friends so that I could show what I prepared for the stage.

    Q: Did you worry that you might made mistake during the live?
    I'm not at all. Even tho you made a mistake, pretend that it is the original lyrics and pretend to move naturally on stage since nobody knows (laugh)

    Q: Did you thought about getting a high rank?
    To be honest, I never thought of a such a goal. If I put goals to myself personally, I will just feel disappointment if I didn't achieve it and It will be stressful because of pressure of getting a high rank. I didn't appeared in KPOP Star 6 to win.

    Q: Your best rival during the KPOP Star 6?
    Everyone, including me, we don't have feel rivalry to each other (laugh). We are like family. Especially among the participants, Seok Jisoo was very lively and the mood maker.

    Q: Sadly you got eliminated and finished TOP4. I wonder, If you won what company will you choose JYP, YG, Antenna?
    YG. I really like the other company but I think my music style is similar to YG. YG seems to follow the music trend very well. I enjoy listening because it resembles to foreign music.

    Until now I have to release a song base on my popularity rather than my style. It seems that it will result bad because I have to try to fit it to everyone's ear. I will not shine as an artist if I just stick on my favorite style (laugh). I'd like to decide new songs to be released in the future with songs of my style.

    Q: What musical color is Shannon pursuing?
    Tomboy style and girl crush feeling.

    Q: Do you like rap too?
    I've learned rap during trainee days, but I'm not good at it (laugh). I can follow the rhythm but I'm lack of swag.

    Q: What you got after KPOP Star?
    I have freedom to play music. I learned how to enjoy songs properly. While doing KPOP star, my style that I've kept was collapse. The comments by the judges. I heard a lot about lack of emotions.

    This program not only exposed my singing ability but also my real character, and it seems that there are lots of people who supports me. Before I was "foreigner who sings well" and now they sends me a heartfelt supports.

    Q: When your style collapsed, Did you get confused?
    I'm not. I just worried about how to solve it. As I changed my style, my personality might disappear, I started to find a way to express it naturally without changing my own color.

    Q: What is the best part of your life?
    Meeting my friends (laughs). I began to have free time without getting caught up too much in work. And now I am 20 years old, I could enjoy a glass of light wine while eating with my friends.

    Q: Your video during your past performance in a program virals again. In "Hidden Singer" you appeared as British Version of IU, but the voice you shown in KPOP Star 6 was very different.
    My original voice is very thick. IU sunbaenim's voice is very thin and It hurts my throat. Still, It was really fun.

    Q: Any program you want to appear?
    Adventure and active entertainment program. Game too (laugh). I would like to show my sporty side on programs like SBS "Running Man" and MBC "Infinite Challenge". There are some people who can't run because their hairstyle might ruin, but for me, I am confident to run hard without worrying about my appearance.

    Q: Because of your musical career, I think you're good in acting. Want to challenger acting in the future?
    My Korean is not good enough to make acting naturally yet, I would like to challenge acting if it is not awkward even if I play in Korean. The character that I want to challenge is not yet determined. I want to do different roles because I am greedy (laugh).

    Q: You're preparing for a comeback. What is the style of the new song?
     I still haven't decided yet for what kind of style to my comeback but I'm planning to release song later this year. I have to stick on girl crush style (laugh). Cheerful song is not suits in my voice. During my young age my voice was very thin and I can do treble easily, but gradually the tone of my voice becomes lower. Women are not terrible, but they seem go through transformation (laugh). My voice became thick. Now if I sing "Why Why" it's not high like before. My throat really hurts when I sing this song.

    I want to sing a song which not to be ashamed of the stage. To be honest, none of my song that I've released that I can sing confidently. I don't really have any songs I liked. But the song "Breath" with Vasco and Giriboy really fits me well. In fact, my song style is never done yet.

    Q: After the debut in 2011, there was a lot of flexion in the singer's life. When is the time you think to slump?
    I never think to slump. Perhaps I haven't done any song that I wanted so far. I don't seem frustrated when the song didn't became hit. Sometimes I ask myself. "I prepared songs in the style I like, but what if it is ignored by the public?"

    I will be sad if I turned it that way, I want to keep in mind the real intention. I didn't choose this profession(singer) to become famous but because I love music. I don't want to lose this attitude. I don't know anything about life, if I think of short coming singer and I feel to lose the real intention, my human appeal will also decrease.

    Q: Plan for your future activities.
    I'm still preparing for my album. I'm really thankful for supporting me during "KPOP Star 6". I will strive harder to show my own color for this upcoming album.

    Source: BNT News
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