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    Friday, May 19, 2017

    [INTERVIEW] 170519 Shannon "KPOP Star is not the last chance but a new start"

    Soloist Shannon shares her affection to SBS Audition program "KPOP Star 6 - The Last Chance"

    Shannon appeared on the '@star1' magazine with "LOVE Shannon" concept, which to be publish this coming 22.

    After the photoshoot, she share her thoughts about 'KPOP Star - The last Chance' and said "It is entitled last chance but It was my new start". 

    Shannon said "When I was born the first word I mentioned was 음악(music). So music is my natural daily life." and she added "After watching the musical "Phantom of the opera". I decided to commit myself to do music"

    Regarding about appearing on KPOP Star, Shannon said "I wanted to get an advice about music from the judges." and about Yang Hyun-suk, who spare an affection to Shannon throughout the contest "I feel sorry for my perfectionism, but It was also good at the same time" and added "I really thank Yang Hyunsuk, I realized that the effort to reach out to the public until now has made me mechanically"

    Shannon talks about KPOP star 6 winner Boyfriend "I envy of their clean state. I didn't felt the freshness that I feel for Boyfriend"

    On this photoshoot, Shannon show off her "beauty model" with a perfect proportions. atstar1 said "It looks like natural, and her facial expressions stands out".

    Source: Sports Chosun
    Translated by: shannxxl @ Shannon Williams Global

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