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    Monday, June 26, 2017

    [SHANNBUZZ] KNETZ reacts about Shannon's "Love Don't Hurt" m/v unfit for broadcast

    Just reportedly, Shannon's comeback m/v "Love Don't Hurt" is unfit for broadcast because of too much tattoo and excessive exposure scene. Read more here http://shannon.ga/2t7pl19

    [+2142 -34] Kwangsoo~yah what are you doing with the great vocalist
    [+1789 -34] Everyone, KKS fault is the answer
    [+1407 -60] Just give Shannon to YG, I want her to be there
    [+1007 -35] Shannon get out of KKS hand grip
    [+821 -105] Pretending to be deadly(sexy) then wander pretending to be youth.. I don't like it

    Source: naver
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