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    Sunday, July 30, 2017

    [SHANNBUZZ] Shannon is back with HELLO at SBS Inkigayo

    Watch her performance here

    [+1036 -69] The problem is her agencyㅠ She's good in singing and dancing too..
    [+794 -31] Seriously to be release on midnight, her dance and powerful vocals fascinates me...
    [+784 -27] You should grow to be a diva and not a miserable idol/dancing singer. It would be nice if you sing a long like Ailee's Heaven. Feel bad I can't still find your color trying this(Hello).
    [+666 -35] The song is refreshing. Whats more on its harmony
    [+512 -31] I like the song!! Lets Go Shannon!!!
    [+440 -18] I came for the pretty thumbnail.
    [+441 -20] Very pretty and talented
    [+347 -22] Shannon is so cool, I really like all her songs~filling the stage alone~Lets walk on the flower road
    [+345 -20] Job well done Shannon~~~~♡♡

    Translated by: shannxxl
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